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Summoners Items
 cosplay_arena - (saturn_firefly)
10:38am 03/01/2007
saturn_firefly posting in ~ Cos-Arena, Cosplay Battles! ~


Shade's Shadow - Dark Boost + 10 on all but HP
Wisp's Beam's- Light Boost + 10 on all but HP
Jinn's Rings- Wind Boost + 10 on all but HP
Undine's Cup of Wishes- Water Boost + 10 on all but HP
Salamander's Staff- Fire Boost + 10 on all but HP
Dryad's Leaf- Earth Boost + 10 on all but HP
Gnome's Diamond- Metal Boost + 10 on all but HP
Luna's Cresent- Electric Boost + 10 on all but HP
Midna's Shard- Psyhic Boost + 10 on all but HP

Scroll of Friendship- all monsters on field are removed from game, no returns even with items
Thorn of Cactuar- + 30 Attack
Power Star- +20 Speical Attack
Cursed Mushroom- Can be used on any monster, -20 on all
Duck Hunt- Attack or Speical hits all enemy monsters
Shadow Crystal- Redistribute any amount between Attack and Defense
Bomb- -2 Monsters can attack one monster. 2nd one stays on the field
Fariy Tears- -10 on all monsters above 20HP
Jewel of Double- Monster on Field can attack Twice or Double Defence
Mirror Force- Blocks attack/speical attack and sends it right back
Mushroom- +20 Attack/Defence
Lantern of Truth- Pick a # 1 thru 5. If right, kills off 1 monster of choice
Heart Container- + 30 HP for Game
Heart Piece- +30 HP for Turn
Fishing Rod of Whirl- Confuses all Monsters
Jar of Fog- -10 Defence on Enemy
Chrono's Headband- -10 HP on enemy monster and added to your monster's HP
Triforce of Wisdom- +100 on Defense
Triforce of Power- +100 on Attack
Triforce of Courage- +100 on Special Attack

Complete Triforce- (This is a collection of Triforce of Wisdom, Triforce of Power, and Triforce of Courage. Present all three on one turn to use all three cards, + 300 HP, and whole party goes up 1 level.)
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(no subject)
01:59am 12/01/2007 (UTC)
Do you have some basic rules and/or the battle engine ready for consumption?

Since I haven't played Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh (either as a card game or a video game), I'm having trouble seeing how the Summoners game would proceed.

If that was available, it would make it easier to make (potentially) helpful comments.
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01:10am 29/01/2007 (UTC)
saturn_firefly: The Curious
The game is fairly easy. One comes another to attack the other's monster. Both monsters having stats, the defense goes into play and just takes away what is left.

Ex: Monster 1 has an Attack:50 attacks monster 2 of 30 defense, that monster 2 takes 20 Hp off. Then it's the other players turn and same thing happens. AT anytime, a summoner which controls the monster (Monster can't do attacks or anything without orders) can use items to even up the odds of winning. A Summoner gets up to 3 monsters but can only use one of them at a time.
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