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 cosplay_arena - (saturn_firefly)
07:02pm 28/01/2007
saturn_firefly posting in ~ Cos-Arena, Cosplay Battles! ~
Cos-Arena may not attend Animarathon this year due to staffing Problems.
The game seems to be done pretty close with a few small things and boss mode but if we don't have people to run it, there is no point.

Also due to the last conventions, CosArena may just leave after this year due to lack of interest and readiness...I can't pull a four man game on my own...even with a computer people...

This will be CosArena's last year...

Just note this...

Sterling and Aeris are out of question and can't afford to go to conventions anymore. Leaving myself and Netrage which leaves no one to do paper work sign ups without at least 4 people as experienced at Ohayocon. It is too hard to even operate the game.

So unless 2 more people show up, CosArena will be put on hold...

Doesn't look like anyone cares anyway let alone has interest...
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02:24am 29/01/2007 (UTC)
C-A was such a big hit at last year's Animarathon. Let's not let it go out without a proper send-off in the form of one last amazingly successful round.

I'll help you staff at Animarathon if you are in need.
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08:30pm 29/01/2007 (UTC)
saturn_firefly: The Curious
I would like to have it there. But really, we are not staffed enough and even below the staff minimum which is 4! I can't ask you to help but I would really like it if you could. I wouldn't even mind stepping down and doing the paper work part. But the game requires-

~1 Judge
~1 Refree
~2 Sign-ups (2 person would be givng out stats, or sign ups on the computer making changes)

We might be able to get away with 3 people. I need to be certain there WILL be 3 people. We didn't have that at Ohayocon and those who helped actually disappeared DURING the time needed. I can't face that stress again.
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