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Cos-Arena ~ Cosplay Battles

Battles of Real Life From Real Video Games

~ Cos-Arena, Cosplay Battles! ~
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Iron Dragon Cos-Arena is made for lovers of Japanese Animation and Video Games. Using Computers or role-playing dice, making replicas of video games in live action role-play for fun and adventure using cosplay of video games or/and japanese animation.

Iron Dragon Cos-Arena has rules to ensure the saftey of it's players. It does not discriminate and injustice others, neither is it a fan club worshipping another fan club. Everyone is equal and has a right for their ideas and credit to them. Cos-Arena works as a business and is open to ideas and comments with Membership that is open to all who are nice, honest, and willing to work hard to make fun and great games.

Iron Dragon Cos-Arena is all game and for fun! You are welcome to make your own games, ask for assistance or just talk about ones already made. Just no spamming or flamming will not be permitted. Our motto is " Peace on the field, Battle on the Lines."

Iron Dragon Most importantly, HAVE FUN and Welcome to Cos-Arena! LARP YOUR VIDEO GAMES!