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Orgins Gaming Convention in July

For an update, We are going to this convention with full blast!

Netrage has finished the gooie for the battle system. And now can be tested! (Fai, I was hoping you could have a look at this?) It is available off the forum.

For Orgins we will be playing at 3pm Thursday ,Friday, and Saturday.

The original plan was to play 4 hours a on these days but due to a major event comming in on the last minute, we were moved to 1 hour...

So sadly we move back to Encounter...


We will still fit a boss battle in there and changes have been made-

~Text when players get hit or miss or effects
~Defense against magic
~Magic is increase to 4MP
~ New: Healing magic (Single or Group)

If we have time we'd like add Human shield/Counter Defense-

At the end of the attack phrase, another player on the opposing team says "Counter Defense" A D6 is rolled and following happens with all but summons and group magic.

1-2 Works and Misses both players in Attack, Magic, and Effects
3-5 Hits only the player that called CD (Everything applies to that player instead of the original target player)
6- Hits both CD player and the Original target. If an effect is in play, they BOTH get the effect.

Though like Ohayocon, we were rated +13 years and up? (I actually sent an e-mail asking for all agers this time...but oh well...)

To my surprise RBG is at this convention after the spokesman said they wouldn't. So maybe we can get some work done for A&G con. This will be the first con that we are both featured in, so it will be very interesting.
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Animarathon 07

Just an update, we are going to this convention. ^_^

Sadly we only have a few people with the minimum being three to run a game, I am hoping everything works out.

It's up to Animarathon and Orgins if we continue the game. But most likely due to no more family problems on my part, we can get work done.

So our event is at 11:30am-3:30pm. I'd like to start set-up as soon as possible after 9am and clean up should be easy. If anyone can help, I'd be so honored to have you! ^_^*

I also need Netrage to correct any of this and give me the update on the system. (Is it like the GM rules on the forum or has something changed?

Collapse )

Note: RBG dropped their game of Final Fantasy Tactics for Anime Punch and used a Pokemon Game (a.k.a CA Summoners...) So I'm not happy with that but I'm putting this down for the record.
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Cos-Arena may not attend Animarathon this year due to staffing Problems.
The game seems to be done pretty close with a few small things and boss mode but if we don't have people to run it, there is no point.

Also due to the last conventions, CosArena may just leave after this year due to lack of interest and readiness...I can't pull a four man game on my own...even with a computer people...

This will be CosArena's last year...

Just note this...

Sterling and Aeris are out of question and can't afford to go to conventions anymore. Leaving myself and Netrage which leaves no one to do paper work sign ups without at least 4 people as experienced at Ohayocon. It is too hard to even operate the game.

So unless 2 more people show up, CosArena will be put on hold...

Doesn't look like anyone cares anyway let alone has interest...
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Summoners Items


Shade's Shadow - Dark Boost + 10 on all but HP
Wisp's Beam's- Light Boost + 10 on all but HP
Jinn's Rings- Wind Boost + 10 on all but HP
Undine's Cup of Wishes- Water Boost + 10 on all but HP
Salamander's Staff- Fire Boost + 10 on all but HP
Dryad's Leaf- Earth Boost + 10 on all but HP
Gnome's Diamond- Metal Boost + 10 on all but HP
Luna's Cresent- Electric Boost + 10 on all but HP
Midna's Shard- Psyhic Boost + 10 on all but HP

Scroll of Friendship- all monsters on field are removed from game, no returns even with items
Thorn of Cactuar- + 30 Attack
Power Star- +20 Speical Attack
Cursed Mushroom- Can be used on any monster, -20 on all
Duck Hunt- Attack or Speical hits all enemy monsters
Shadow Crystal- Redistribute any amount between Attack and Defense
Bomb- -2 Monsters can attack one monster. 2nd one stays on the field
Fariy Tears- -10 on all monsters above 20HP
Jewel of Double- Monster on Field can attack Twice or Double Defence
Mirror Force- Blocks attack/speical attack and sends it right back
Mushroom- +20 Attack/Defence
Lantern of Truth- Pick a # 1 thru 5. If right, kills off 1 monster of choice
Heart Container- + 30 HP for Game
Heart Piece- +30 HP for Turn
Fishing Rod of Whirl- Confuses all Monsters
Jar of Fog- -10 Defence on Enemy
Chrono's Headband- -10 HP on enemy monster and added to your monster's HP
Triforce of Wisdom- +100 on Defense
Triforce of Power- +100 on Attack
Triforce of Courage- +100 on Special Attack

Complete Triforce- (This is a collection of Triforce of Wisdom, Triforce of Power, and Triforce of Courage. Present all three on one turn to use all three cards, + 300 HP, and whole party goes up 1 level.)
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The Beginning

A warm welcome and thank you for whoever joins this crazy community, I decided to do this so I wouldn't put it so much in my LJ and get more imput from others ^_^*

Our schdule for this year is~


Ohayocon - January 5th • 7th, 2007 (Cos-Arena: Summoners)

Animarathon - April 14, 2007 • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Encounters)

Orgins Origins International Game Expo - July 5th • 8th, 2007 (Adventure)

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